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Dr Disrespect explains why Halo Infinite needs battle royale to survive

Popular streamer Dr Disrespect has explained why Halo Infinite needs a Battle Royale mode to compete with other titles.



Dr Disrespect and Halo spartan

Dr Disrespect has been enjoying Halo Infinite’s multiplayer, but is still hoping that the developers are working on a battle royale since he believes the game needs it to survive.

Halo Infinite has a ton of content to enjoy, and the multiplayer provides some truly intense combat. Popular streamer Dr Disrespect has given it great praise, claiming that it’s almost incredible.

However, he also stated that for the game to compete against titles like Apex Legends and Fortnite then it needs a battle royale mode. Now, he’s once again emphasizing the importance of that feature.

White Halo Infinite spartan armor

Dr Disrespect talked about how he’s been enjoying Halo Infinite’s multiplayer, and he’s generally pleased with the game so far. However, he still feels that the game will need some major changes soon.

“It’s crazy to think about how good the game could be, ” he stated. “Massive potential. I really think it must have one. That is where the game needs to start heading, soon.”

He then brought up how Halo Infinite’s open-world design would suit a battle royale perfectly. The developers could fit all the different maps together into a single battlefield, letting players duke it out in one big area.

“Lord. Think about the space that you’d be jumping into, you’ll fight in,” the Doc explained. “You could fly through it. Halo has always had a nice big ring. Start the game in a spacecraft, land on the ring. Close in that circle on either end. It’s all right there.”

Timestamp at 3:39

Dr Disrespect came up with various different suggestions for how the devs could introduce a great battle royale map in Halo Infinite. He claimed that older multiplayer maps had great layouts and rich stories.

“Not just the layouts of maps, but the fictions of all these famous maps too,” he said. “The stories there are just so rich. Then put all these maps together, combine them on a massive scale.”

Doc was so thrilled by this prospect that he even offered to help make the game. “I’d love to design that,” he excitedly stated. “I could put my multi-million dollar streaming career on hold. I’m willing to do it, 343, ask for my resume.”

For more Halo, check out how to get the cat ears helmet in Halo Infinite and how to play the Halo Infinite co-op campaign.

Image Credits: 343 Industries

Apex Legends

Rampage nerfed upon return in Apex Legends Season 11

Apex Legends has a new update in Season 11, which sees the return of the Rampage, but with a different feel.



apex legends rampage charged

Respawn pushed a small update for Apex Legends on January 13, which sees the return of a nerfed Rampage.

Respawn Entertainment has finally fixed the Rampage and Sentinel and put them back in the Apex Legends loot pool with the latest January 13 update.

While many will be happy to see them back, the community may notice a difference in the Rampage, and that’s because it has been nerfed.

rampage apex legends

The Rampage has been causing a lot of controversy and frustration among the community during Season 11. Not only was the weapon extremely powerful and one of the best weapons to use in the game, but there was also an exploit that allowed it to stay charged up infinitely, making it overpowered.

It was removed in response to the exploit, but now it has finally returned and players may find it feels different. This is because the devs have decided to nerf the weapon, perhaps realizing just how strong it was during its time out.

Rampage nerf Apex Legends

Apex Legends player charging the Rampage

The developers have decided to nerf the Rampage’s damage and thermite consumption per shot. This means that the weapon will not last as long as it previously did while charged up, as well as doing less damage:

  • Damage per bullet down from 28 – 26.
  • Thermite consumption per shot increased.

Although a lot of players enjoyed using the weapon, there’s no doubt that a portion of the community also felt the weapon was slightly too strong, so perhaps the community will welcome the change.

That’s all for the return of the Rampage in Apex Legends and subsequent nerf to the weapon. For more, check out the new Season 12 Hop-Up leak.

Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment

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How to play Fortnite on iPhone & iOS devices with NVIDIA GeForce Now

Fortnite has been missing from the App Store from some time, but here’s how you can play on your iOS devices once again.



Fortnite mobile player

Fortnite was removed from Apple’s App Store in 2020 but now there’s a way to play on your iPhone and iOS devices thanks to NVIDIA’s GeForce Now.

Apple and Epic Games were locked in a legal battle surrounding in-app purchases which caused Fortnite to be removed from the App Store and iOS devices in August 2020, and fans haven’t been able to play on their iPhones since.

However, thanks to NVIDIA’s GeForce Now service, Fortnite is set to return to iPhones and iPads.

Here’s how to sign up and play Fortnite on your iOS devices once again.

How to play Fortnite on iOS

fortnite explosion

Fortnite hasn’t been made available on the App Store again, you’ll need to become a GeForce Now member and sign up for the closed beta.

Here’s everything you need to do to play Fortnite on your iPhone or iPad:

  1. Either register or sign in to GeForce Now (you don’t need to pay for a premium membership)
  2. Register for GeForce Now’s Fortnite closed beta
  3. Open Safari on your iPhone or iPad and go to Then follow the instructions to add a home screen shortcut
  4. Keep an eye on your emails for an invitation to the closed beta
  5. Once you’re invited, you can play Fortnite through GeForce Now

This will stream a touch-friendly version of Fortnite to your Apple device, so you can get back to playing Fortnite on your mobile.

When is Fortnite coming back to iOS? Closed beta start & end date

Foundation statue in Fortnite Chapter 3 map

NVIDIA revealed that Fortnite Mobile’s closed beta will begin rolling out “later in January,” so either during the week of January 17th or 24th.

As for the closed beta’s end date, NVIDIA said that “we do not have a fixed end date at this time,” so we’ll need to wait on official confirmation.

Fortnite Season 3 characters

You can link your Epic Games and NVIDIA accounts once you’ve joined the closed beta.

Here’s how to link your Epic Games and NVIDIA accounts:

  1. Open GeForce Now on Safari
  2. Go to ‘settings’
  3. Find the ‘connections’ tab
  4. Select ‘Epic Games’
  5. Log in with your Epic Games account

After you do this, your entire Fortnite account will be at your fingertips. And you only need to sign in once, too.

You can also check out Fortnite’s brand-new Battlefield 2042-style tornados and lightning strikes.

Image Credit: Epic Games / NVIDIA GeForce Now

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FIFA 22 Ultimate Team best wingers: Cheap and meta players

Finding the best, meta, and cheap wingers in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team is vital to success, so we’ve put together a guide of who you should sign.



FIFA 22 winger cards and logo

FIFA 22 is chocked full of tricky wingers that can help you to victory. We’ve picked out the FIFA 22 Ultimate Team best wingers you can buy, as well as some great cheap, and meta, players.

Fans spend many hours trying to craft the perfect Ultimate Team, and picking out the right players takes up a huge amount of that time. But with so many special cards and chemistry links to take into account, it can be hard to pinpoint the right man for the job.

Playing with wingers is a popular tactic in FIFA 22, using pace and dribbling to drift past full-backs attack the box.

We’ve picked out the best FIFA 22 Ultimate Team wingers you can buy, including the best cheap and meta players you should buy.

Best wingers in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team

FIFA 22 Son celebrating to camera

The FIFA series has always emphasized two things when it comes to left and right-wingers – pace and skills.

Speed is vital for pulling away from pesky fullbacks who are set to stay back, while the tricks can break through tightly defenses and open up crossing or shooting opportunities. FIFA 22 is no different.

With this in mind, using one of the game’s top-rated players is never a bad decision. Based on EA’s official ratings, these are the best wingers in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team.

Player NameClubPositionRatingAverage Price
Lionel Messi (Ones to Watch)PSGRW952.7 million
Mohamed Salah (Headliners)LiverpoolRW931.2 million
Neymar (TOTW 8)PSGLW921.2 million
Angel Di Maria (Numbersup)PSGRW90311,000
Leroy Sane (RTTK)Bayern MunichRM90230,000
Raheem Sterling (Winter Wildcards)Manchester CityRW90360,000
Heung Min Son (RTTK)Tottenham HotspurLM90340,000
David Ginola (Hero)N/ALM891.2 million
Sadio ManeLiverpoolLW8938,000
Vinicius Junior (Headliners)Real MadridLW881.7 million
Serge Gnabry (Headliners)Bayern MunichRM88220,000
Eden Hazard (Winter Wildcards)Real MadridLW88230,000

Best meta wingers in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team

Real Madrid players celebrating

Even though some players have extremely high ratings, they don’t always have the stats to make them popular among fans.

Each year, certain players have the stats that happen to fit the game’s meta, making them staples of FUT Champs and Division Rivals.

In the case of wingers, this can be because of their blistering pace, tricky skills, or a combination of all three.

These are the best meta wingers you should try in your Ultimate Team this year, including some of the special cards added since launch.

Player NameClubPositionVersionRatingAverage Price
Lionel Messi PSGRWOnes to Watch952.7 million
Vinicius JuniorReal MadridLWHeadliners881.7 million
David GinolaN/ALMHero891.2 million
Mohamed SalahLiverpoolRWHeadliners931.2 million
NeymarPSGLWTOTW921.2 million
Diogo JotaLiverpoolLWNumbersup87465,000
Ousmane DembeleBarcelonaRWRulebreakers86450,000
Marcus RashfordManchester UnitedLMVersus – Fire88429,000
Raheem SterlingManchester CityRWWinter Wildcards90360,000
Heung Min SonTottenham HotspurLMRTTK90340,000

Best cheap wingers in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team

ultimate team best wingers Neymar Jr in FIFA 22

If we’re completely honest, many of these players will be extremely expensive. Particularly if you’re just starting out, you might be looking for cheaper wingers while you grind for coins and packs.

Players with the all-important five-star skills will be too pricey to begin with, but there are plenty of cheap options that still have the pace to get around those pesky full-backs.

Player NameClubPositionRatingAverage Price
Yannick CarrascoAtletico MadridLM843,100
Leroy SaneBayern MunichRM843,700
Federico ChiesaJuventusRW832,100
Christian PulisicChelseaLW82750
RaphinhaLeeds UnitedRM821,500
Leon BaileyAston VillaRM82900
PortuReal SociedadRW82750
Diogo JotaLiverpoolLW82850
Lucas MouraTottenham HotspurRM811,000
Hirving LozanoNapoliRW81700

Those were our picks for the top wingers to sign in FUT 22. It’s worth noting that prices are constantly changing and are often slightly different on each platform.

We’ll update his guide throughout the year with even more meta players, and the best bargains on the Transfer Market.

For more FIFA 22 Ultimate Team guides, be sure to check our similar lists of the best goalkeepers, full-backs, defenders, midfielders, and strikers.

Image credits: EA

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