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Call of Duty 2022

Activision confirms Infinity Ward leading CoD 2022 & Warzone 2 development

A report from Activision has confirmed that the iconic Infinity Ward studio will be leading the development of CoD 2022 & Warzone 2.



Infinity Ward CoD 2022 Warzone 2

In a statement on February 3, Activision confirmed that the highly-anticipated CoD 2022 and Warzone 2 will be developed by Infinity Ward.

Infinity Ward have a long and storied history with the Call of Duty franchise after developing the legendary Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and it seems like they’re back for another iteration in 2022.

Infinity Ward last worked on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare in 2019. Modern Warfare was a commercial success and Activision are looking to produce similar results with CoD 2022 after Vanguard has failed to meet sales expectations.

CoD 2022 solider with weapon

A recent Business Wire report of Activision’s 2021 financial results have revealed that Vanguard failed to meet expectations as far as sales go, “Call of Duty net bookings on console and PC declined year-over-year in the fourth quarter, reflecting lower premium sales for Call of Duty: Vanguard”.

This explains Activision’s decision to opt for Infinity Ward as the lead developer for both CoD 2022 and Warzone 2. The project is being touted as a highly ambitious focus on both premium offerings and free-to-play content with Warzone 2.

Long-time Call of Duty fans will be happy to see the future of the franchise in safe hands. 2022 is shaping up to be a vital year for Call of Duty and fans won’t have to wait much longer for new and exciting content.

This announcement doesn’t necessarily mean that the release window for these games has been moved up. Once we have more details concerning CoD 2022 and Warzone 2022 we’ll be sure to share that with you.

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Image Credits: Activision / Infinity Ward

Call of Duty 2022

CoD leaker claims 11 studios are currently developing Modern Warfare 2

According to some new Modern Warfare 2 leaks, the rumored sequel is being worked on by 11 different developers.



Modern Warfare operator

New reports from prominent Call of Duty insiders suggest that 11 development studios are currently working on a Modern Warfare 2019 sequel, including Treyarch.

There has been a lot of buzz around the rumored Modern Warfare sequel, with many speculating that it will be the 2022 Call of Duty title. Various leaks have pointed to its potential maps, game modes, and release date.

More details about the sequel are frequently being revealed by leakers. Now, some new leaks from notable Call of Duty insiders suggest that 11 development studios are working on Modern Warfare 2.

Modern Warfare Operators

According to leaker ‘RalphsValve,’ the Modern Warfare sequel will be a collaborative effort from 11 different developers. Infinity Ward is expected to be the lead studio with Treyarch also helping out.

Here are all the rumored Modern Warfare 2 developers:

  • Demonware
  • High Moon Studios
  • Toys for Bob
  • Infinity Ward Austin, TX
  • Infinity Ward Poland
  • Infinity Ward, LA
  • Beenox
  • Activision
  • Raven Software
  • Sledgehammer Games

One CoD fan was immediately concerned at this news, claiming that this many studios being involved with Modern Warfare 2 could be a sign of major development problems, citing Battlefield 2042‘s development as an example.

The leaker quickly shut down that idea, stating that it was a completely different situation: “Circumstances are different; it was earlier described to me as a ‘once-in-a-generation’ title – hence why essentially every Activision Studio are assisting the game’s development. Things are moving smoothly.”

These claims were corroborated by prominent Call of Duty insider Tom Henderson, who discussed the Modern Warfare sequel in a new video, also alleviating concerns about the game’s development:

“It shouldn’t be a massive cause for concern, as the majority of these studios have had some involvement in the past couple of years for every single Call of Duty title, especially with the likes of Call of Duty: Vanguard.”

He then claimed that Modern Warfare 2’s development is currently “running smoothly” before adding that the game is now said to be in its Alpha stage.

It’s worth keeping in mind that these are currently just leaks, so you should take this information with a grain of salt. Hopefully, Activision will officially confirm some of these details in the coming months.

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Image credits: Activision

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Call of Duty

Activision reportedly committed to releasing next three Call of Duty games on PlayStation

A new report claims that Call of Duty will remain on PlayStation for at least the next three releases, including Warzone 2.



Warzone character with the PlayStation and CoD logos

Activision Blizzard have committed to releasing the next three Call of Duty games on PlayStation, according to a new report from Bloomberg.

The gaming world was rocked on January 18 when Microsoft announced it was set to acquire Activision Blizzard in a deal nearing $70 billion. While 54% of Call of Duty fans polled are happy at the news, there has been some concerns about whether Microsoft would make the franchise exclusive to Xbox consoles.

Now, a new report claims that Activision’s flagship FPS will stay on PlayStation for at least the next three releases.

warzone operator using binoculars

Bloomberg‘s Jason Schreier claims that “Activision had already committed to making the next few CoD games available on Sony’s console,” before news of Microsoft’s purchases broke.

That means Infinity Ward’s Modern Warfare sequel, which is set to release later this year, Treyarch’s next entry in 2023, and a planned “new iteration of Call of Duty: Warzone” will all be playable on PlayStation consoles.

While Activision haven’t confirmed this publicly, Schreier states that he spoke to “four people with knowledge of the deal,” who have asked to remain anonymous.

While this is good news for Sony fans. the future of CoD on PlayStation is still difficult to predict. Microsoft Gaming CEO Phil Spencer previously stated that they “intended to honor all existing agreements” after the Activision Blizzard deal is complete, but didn’t mention what would happen once those agreements have ended.

Taking away Call of Duty from PlayStation would mark a seismic shift in the gaming industry, and for the franchise. It seems Call of Duty could change forever under Microsoft’s ownership, with talks ongoing about ending the franchise’s annual release schedule.

Image Credits: Activision Blizzard / Sony

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Call of Duty 2022

CoD leaker reveals possible Modern Warfare 2 early release date after Vanguard issues

Due to poor Vanguard sales, CoD leakers are claiming Modern Warfare 2’s release date is being moved up alongside changes to Warzone.



Modern Warfare 2 release date

Call of Duty players might be able to get their hands on Modern Warfare 2 sooner than anticipated as CoD leakers suggest issues with Vanguard are moving up its release date.

Well-known Call of Duty leaker Tom Henderson has provided new information concerning Modern Warfare 2’s release window. The new 2022 Call of Duty title already has fans excited about the prospect of diving back into nostalgic maps and it’s looking like they’ll be able to do so earlier than expected.

The previous two Call of Duty titles were released one to two weeks into November but Henderson suggests we’ll be receiving the next iteration as much as a month earlier alongside major changes to Warzone.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 release date

Modern Warfare Operators

Blacks Ops: Cold War launched on November 13 while Vanguard hit stores on November 5, but Modern Warfare 2 might be scrapping the November window in favor of an early October release date.

Henderson states that the reason behind this decision is to compensate for the poor sales numbers that Vanguard produced and that we should receive additional information as early as Summer 2022.

The renowned leaker goes on to explain that the decision to advance the release date seems to be a strategic move to maximize profit after Vanguard left investors displeased, “I’d imagine a couple of weeks can make all the difference to investors that want to see a stronger quarter.”

Modern Warfare 2 Warzone integration

Modern Warfare 2 maps Warzone

Call of Duty fans can also expect a “big” update to Warzone following the release of Modern Warfare 2. It will be interesting to see where the developers decide to take the battle royale as the franchise returns to its roots.

After all, Warzone debuted alongside Modern Warfare (2019) and CoD 2022 is set to be a direct sequel to the beloved game. Rumors of classic MW2 POIs joining Warzone are setting expectations high for the future of the franchise.

Once we know more about Modern Warfare 2’s official release date we’ll be sure to provide an update but for now, check out every weapon buff & nerf in Warzone’s mid-season update.

Image Credits: Activision

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