Make Your Amber Shine

”Northern Gold” as amber is often called, is a women’s good friend. You can choose from a brooch, ring, necklace or bracelet, or perhaps you like earrings the most, but it is important to know how to maintain properly this delicate jewelry and your amber will keep looking like the first day you bought it.

Here are some advices for keeping your amber jewelry in good condition:
Amber is a stone with soft structure, which does not need a lot of care, but it is nevertheless desirable to jewelry made of amber regularly clean and to empty and fill it as it absorbs negative energy.

If your amber jewelry has become somewhat dark, you can take half a teaspoon of baking soda and put it in a cup of water, after that you just need to polish the jewelry with a cloth soaked in water containing baking powder.

As it comes into contact with skin, jewelry collects various fat and dead cells, as well as the water scale with which it comes into contact. Jewelry made of amber can be cleaned or emptied 1-2 times a month under running water for a few minutes. Just put the necklace on hand and put it under the water flow for a few minutes.

Amber jewelry is filled so that it is exposed to the morning or evening sun for one hour, but it should not be exposed to hot water or strong, intense sunlight because it can dry amber out and lead to cracking.

It is also not advisable that jewelry made of amber comes in contact with strong cleaners, detergent, perfume or hair spray.

Do not wear your jewelry while swimming. Chlorine and salt water can make amber jewelry quickly lose its color.

Amber jewelry should also be stored separately, wrapped in a soft cloth to avoid being scratched. It is also not recommended to clean amber jewlery with steam cleaners.

Use washable mild cleaners to wash it and any cotton fabric or fabric made from deerskin to brush the jewelry. To restore the shine of jewelry, it is enough to rub it with a drop of olive oil.

Jewelry made of amber was from ancient times worn for good luck and protection. It is a symbol of eternal life, youth, devotion and eternal love. To make jewelry last longer and keep its beauty, it is worth to make an effort and make it shine.

Magical Properties of Amber

Amber stone is considered to be a very powerful healer and a purifier of all the bad things inside your body. It helps damaged tissue with healing and cleans the chakra system. Amber also has the ability to absorb negative energy, which is after that transformed into a positive force that promotes self healing of the body.

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Make Your Amber Shine

Amber is one of the finest minerals for jewelry making. Jewelry made of amber can easily lose its shine and it demands appropriate care. Everything you need, you can find in your home. Here are a few interesting and simple tricks that will save you time but also money, and hold amber jewelry in perfect condition.

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Identifying the Real Amber

Because of the less frequent findings of amber in its natural state, you can find very compelling copies, which only experienced eye can detect. But how to spot a difference between true amber and plastic? Here are some ways to determinate authenticity of your amber or precious jewelry made out of it

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